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Countdown to the Runoff: Live Radio Forum- Monday, December 3rd

Monday, December 3 | 9am-10am on WWW.JOYNETRADIO.COM
FACEBOOK LIVE and other Participating Stations...
Who's best for Dumas? It's a new day in America and how will Dumas be a 'relevant' community? Can we afford to remain the same? What are the key areas that need our most urgent community engagement? Who will work best with the community to bring ALL OF DUMAS UNITED to a Reality? 
Two candidates have advanced to a historic runoff for the mayoral race in Dumas. The leader in the November 26, 2018 contest, Flora Simon, and the current mayor, Johnny Brigham are heading into the final stretch for the December 4, Runoff.On Monday, December 3, City P.R.I.D.E.—Positive Results in Dumas-Everyday, in association with and The College of Aspiring Artists are hosting a live radio forum to hear final comments from the candidates and to hear questions and comments from the community. The forum will …
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Save the Date- December 4:  Flora Simon and Johnny Brigham (listed by most votes received on November 6.)

Early voting is November 27-December 3 in Arkansas City.

On December 4, the voting is in Dumas at the Dumas Community Center and St. Peter's Rock Baptist Church.

If you voted on November 6, you will need to vote again in the runoff.  If you are a registered voter, you can vote in the runoff.

LET’S Do it in Love, Duty and Honor for a Better Dumas—TODAY!

Town Hall Forum: All of Dumas/Desha United... Who Will Lead Us? Let Your Voice Be Heard!

With the recent closing of the Delta Technology Education Center, this moment both brings about challenges and opportunities.The forum for many reasons provides a timely moment for the candidates to share their platforms for change and progress for Dumas/Desha with the citizens.

Organizers say that this election (and especially for Dumas) has philanthropic resources bringing a surplus of $6,000,000 from a generous gift by the Merle and Deloris Peterson’s estate which denotes much at stake for current and future leaders, citizens and strategist to determine best use regarding the city’s future. How these dollars and other resources will be invested in sustainable programs is what organizers are working on with local, state and national organizations and leaders that focus on needs and improvement for Dumas/Desha.
Local developers, individuals and programs leaders (including startups) are encouraged to bring written copies of their vision/concepts for inclusion in a collaborative vision/p…

Candidates Outline and Agenda for October 23 Facebook Live Town Hall Forum

“ALL OF DUMAS UNITED” |10.23.2018 | 5pm-7pm
FACEBOOK LIVE DUMAS/DESHA Town Hall Forum|HMC |  225 S. Walnut @ Waterman
(Note: Any person or organization that desires to submit a proposal for the city/county or for other program partners to review, please let’s us know by October 21, in writing and send to our email listed at:  Also let us know if you want to be one of the 10 Official FB LIVE Reporters for this and future events.)

HMC—Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith | 225 South Walnut at Waterman, Dumas, AR 71639
Decision Time in D-Town is a town hall forum with and for the people who live and serve in Dumas/Desha and for those who desire to serve as elected officials in Dumas/Desha 2018, and beyond. The outline aims to allow candidates/citizens to prepare and get a look ahead at the forum format as the community continues to come together for positive dialogue and actions regarding what can be done and what will be done to make Dumas/D…

Decision Time in D-Town: All of Dumas United- EVERYONE: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Public Invitation to City Officials-Candidates and Citizens of Dumas/Desha “Dumas-Desha-Delta: Who Will Lead Us 2018 and Beyond?” 

Thursday, September 27, 2018 | 9am—5pm former DTEC Board Room Space Questions like— what’s next for Dumas? What image are we projecting in and from Dumas, the Delta and across the nation—what image do we want to project? What do our youth want and who will lead them—2018 and beyond are a few key questions that will be released in a document to go out to leaders, both youth and young adults at the “2018 Decision Time in D-Town—Town Hall Planning Session.” The session is set for this Thursday and will be one of two-three sessions that will take place between now and the November 6, election. It will convene in the former DTEC board room space and has seven one-hour sessions beginning at 9am and ending at 5pm.Everyone is welcome to come at any time, but the one-hour sessions starting at the top of each hour are designed to allow for full present…